Senior Wellness | Consulting & Training

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.16.18 AMIt’s hard to provide for your own children and family, but happens when your parents start needing your help, too? We provide one-on-one functional fitness training, nutrition education and consulting, and overall support to seniors looking for innovative health solutions. JVC will help you identify problems and then develop a plan to increase longevity, quality, and energy to you – or your loved one’s lives! We will seek out health care solutions through preventative measures and lifestyle changes in a way that is sustainable – and fun! 

• Private, one-on-one service where you, the client have 100% of the trainer’s attention.

• Customized and goal focused, our programs address the specific needs and goals of each client… individually.

• Our focus is on “Functional” Fitness- promoting improved independence, safety and mobility. Nutrition consulting and overall wellness promotion is offered complimentary to our clients.

• In-home service—we come to you, whether you live in your own private home or a retirement community setting… including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia care.

• As a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist we offer our expertise, training and experience in senior wellness. With a compassionate and respectful approach, we build trust, achieve goals and foster caring relationships with our clients. We also prioritize consistent contact with client family members and serve as an advocate for our clients’ overall wellbeing.



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