Triathlon & Run Coaching

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JVC offers endurance coaching and training services through individual sessions or programs designed for an individuals performance and health goals. Each program is specifically designed for the client with the support of innovative training concepts and ideas. Whether you are an athlete wishing to train for a 5k, marathon, or Ironman or shorter distance triathlon; work on gait or core strength; a client desiring weight loss & management; or fall prevention for seniors – there is something for all levels.


Private Run Coaching OR Triathlon Coaching w/Certified USA Triathlon Coach (starts at $125)

  • Complete customized 12+ weeks training program – accommodating busy lifestyles
  • Functional core, strength, and injury prevention training to address weaknesses
  • Individual form & drills
  • Swim/Bike/Run assessment for appropriate training level
  • Initial & Final time trials for fitness gain comparison – 500yd swim, 30min bike, 1 mile run
  • Nutritional analysis & Customized Race Nutrition plan
  • 1 one-on-one private coaching session/month
  • 1 group training session/month
  • Initial meeting (video call if not local), questionnaire assessment, nutrition analysis, and goal generation based on your training and racing desires
  • Individual email logging and weekly coach feedback.
  • Unlimited weekly e-mail access
  • Cross coordination with personal healthcare professionals available upon request


  • Swim Coaching ($35/hour; ask for group pricing) If you’re serious about improving your freestyle technique and swimming faster, there’s no alternative to one-on-one swim lessons. With the use of video apturing and feedback and having your technique analyzed by a coach, swim lessons are the perfect way to identify and correct issues with your stroke mechanics. Even the best swimmers have trouble understanding what they’re doing in the water without the feedback that video and coaching provides.
  • *Running Analysis* ($30) We offer an Initial Comprehensive Running Evaluation in which a licensed physical therapist and/or certified fitness coach work with runners one-on-one to perform a running gait assessment. This assessment uses UberSense video analysis and/or an un-weighted treadmill. >>Evaluation includes: Musculoskeletal examination, Biomechanical evaluation using slow motion video, Assessment summary, specialized education and instruction on your running mechanics, and personal exercises.
  • Swim/Bike/Run Video Analysis ($20) We will do a full biomechanical analysis and provide coaching, education and feedback on the video. This is a great option if you want an objective viewpoint of your bike fit or pedaling stroke, feedback on your running gait, or a breakdown of your overwater or underwater swim stroke.

*According to American Sports Data, running accounts for over 1.5 million injuries annually. Through the course of one’s running career, 50 to 70% of runners are likely to sustain at least one running-related injury. Due to the repetitive nature of the sport and the compressive joint loads sustained while running (from 5-10 times body weight), overuse injuries affecting the knee, ankle and foot, and hip are the most common. Establishing adequate muscular balance and proper running mechanics will reduce risk of injury and lengthen your running*



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