Healthy Hearts


Healthy Hearts

        Valentines day is yet another ‘holiday’ we have given ourselves permission to eat whatever we want — wait, wasn’t that what Super Bowl and Christmas was, too?..Shoot! Alright, I am convinced there are too many days we allow ourselves to forget our New Year’s resolutions and make excuses for why “today doesn’t count”. Hello! There is never an excuse good enough to put aside your own health. Yes, I will prefer the chocolate my boyfriend gives me on Valentine’s day over the steamed broccoli, and I may even have a little bit…But not the whole bar!

I’m sure you know someone who eats how they want, never exercises, and simply doesn’t seem to care about there health in the now. Let me tell you friend, in five, ten fifteen years when diabetes has set in, this person might be overweight, and/or have heart disease (which is VERY preventable!). And I bet you they won’t be feeling as care-free, now! “We are [still] young” (as the popular music band Fun! tells me, anyways), but we can keep feeling vibrant and healthy if we only take some small steps today. We often feel as if we’re invincible, because we don’t see the affects of our choices right away. It might be fun to get drunk every Friday night, but do you know the affects on your body that one night has? It might taste amazing to have dessert three of four nights a week, but that sugar is allowing you to get that much closer to living a life full of diseases – and sooner than you think!

So, this Valentines day, and beyond, think about portions and about substituting some of the “bad” foods for better choices; make a small change every day and write it down. Just maybe, your kids won’t have to start taking care of you at age 60 – instead, you’ll be skiing, running the local 5K, training for the Boston marathon, waterskiing at the lake, biking a century. Whatever it is you love to do, you truly CAN still being doing it in 20, 30, 40+ years!



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