I Travel to be Healthy

ImageSome people vacation for relaxation, a way ‘to get away’ from their everyday life, or simply to become more cultured. I, on the other hand, like to pick my travel based on how active I can be and whether I can find a healthy dish any where. Whether it’s beautiful parks to run in, hiking up mountains, biking in old country farmlands, or finding nutritious foods at the local market – I choose travel to support a healthy lifestyle!

So, looking at my next spot to vaca, what better place than one of the most active places in the world – Melbourne, Australia! “Packed with arts, culture, and sport and yet accessible to some spectacular encounters with the natural world, Melbourne offers a little bit of everything.”


With tons of zoos, aquariums, and rivers running through Melbourne, there’s plenty to do in means of staying moving. The Yarra River flows all the way through town, which reminds me I forgot to mention another  active person’s dream vaca inclusion: Wine! The famous grape growing regions in the Upper Yarra River valley is a large icon of the symbolic city.

Being a die-hard foody, of course restaurants become very important when traveling. Just as most athletes do (or should) I like to eat clean, fresh, and local. My first stop for travel in Melbourne would have to be The European. Authentic and fresh, the waiters are said to be very charming, knowledgable and they have “healthy” foods right up my ally like, vegetable fritters, tomato and mozzarella bruschetta, and baby beans and almonds. Mmm!!

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 10.39.55 AM

And you can’t travel without stopping by a local market! The Queen Victorian Market is famous for it’s fresh food, Spanish dishes, and funky music. It’s local, it’s friendly, and (lucky for me) I get to stand and walk while I eat! We can’t forget about my favorite meal, though, breakfast! I love small mom and pop cafes, so Melbourne has me in luck! Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar is a hole in the wall Italian spot that serves fresh coffee, teas, and even pastas for dinner. I’m thinking this is a must-see [eat]!

On places to stay, (yes, when I’m not eating or walking) I’m more of a laid back, nonchalant kinda gal. Hotel Lindrum is a boutique style hotel, once housed in a historic building. It has a central location (yay! I can walk every where) and a cozy, yet luxurious feel to it. With fully equipped rooms, my boyfriend can also be happy to relax at the end of the day to a movie after all the walking I drag him to do (poor guy!).

So, Melbourne, Australia, I think you would be an active person’s dream vacation spot. Walking, sight seeing, and good eating… What else could I want?


Sources: Gogobot


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