Why It All Matters…

Endurance, strength training, nutrition, recovery, and rehabilitation are all standard processes incorporated into a sports training schedule…But what about neurological drills, meditation, flexibility, whole food nutrition practices, all accompanied with education? Aren’t these just as important? You look at any top athlete, especially those engaged in individual sports such as tennis, running, triathlons, or cycling and you’ll notice what they have in common: A team of professionals who are involved in training every piece of the body to enhance the athletes’ overall performance. BOOM!! 🙂

So, why don’t we see competitive amateurs, age groupers, or those just wanting to reach their physical pinnacle using the same innovative techniques, regularly? Answers: Lack of education. Lack of trustworthy professionals. Lack of convenience. And lack of money.

JVC Wellness has teamed up with local professionals to create a one-of-a-kind physical and sports training team. It often takes hours of researching and networking to find, for instance, a yoga class that targets the muscles for your specific sport (i.e. ‘hip-opener’ classes for runners and ‘shoulder and back stretches’ for cyclists). JVC has the tools to create a specialized training plan for whatever your goals might be and the network to connect you with the professionals who will get you there. We believe every athlete needs to encompass all aspects of training into their plans in order to reach full potential. Miranda Carfrae wouldn’t expect to win a 9-hour long Ironman race without psychological training, just as Rafael Nadal wouldn’t expect to win back-to-back tennis tournaments without proper recovery-based training and education. So, how would you expect to be your best without these?

The top endurance coaches, physical therapist, dietitians, Dr.’s, yoga instructors, and sports psychologist each have skill sets that are specialized to their own practice. Think of an athletes’ potential if we could combine all this into an individualized training plan, helping them not only to reach their competitive goals, but giving them the education and tools to live a healthier lifestyle!! What if instead of going to five different bike shops before you find a mechanic who ACTUALLY works on triathlon bikes, you went to the right shop right away? Yes! This can happen – I promise you! As amateurs, we hardly have time to get our training in, let alone to do the research to even start the training! This is where JVC Wellness Consulting comes in.

A strong mind leads to a strong body. We’ve all heard of the miracle stories of the power of positive thinking curing the growth of cancer tumors, sickness, or increasing the speed of recovery. We must train or brains, our nerves, our mind if we want to compete at our highest level. Mental toughness in competing is especially important in individual sports, as we are out there on our own and most the time competing simply with ourselves. Mental toughness & skills — I believe these are some of the most important training tools an athlete can have! For example, mile 20 of the marathon really comes down to mental strength. You’ve put in the hours. You’ve eaten smart. You’ve been told you can do it. BUT, on mile 20 that little bitch in your head is now telling you, NO, you can’t! What do you do? Most of us try to block it out by thinking of something else completely, like breath or stride, or even the time we’ve trained. What if, instead in that moment, we had a tool we had actually been trained with using? On mile 20, this athlete now turns that little bitch voice screaming, “You can’t do this! Why are you doing this? Just walk!”, into the sexiest voice they’ve ever heard…

Now try saying those words out loud. Not so intimidating, huh? Now this athlete goes on to win his/her age group, just because of that sexy voice…BE AWARE: You may or may not reach ‘peak’ in other parts of your body. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

You see it DOES all matter — From an endurance and strength training base to flexibility for injury prevention, and whole-food nutrition education (the answer to the question: “WHY am I NOT eating all that sports junk like I see other athletes do, coach?”) to neurological training. An athlete wanting to compete at ANY level, whatever goal their trying to reach, a whole-body encompassed training plan is no longer a luxury, but a NECESSITY!!





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