JVC Wellness Consulting & Coaching

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Wellness | Nutrition | Multisport

Welcome to your journey toward optimal health! Increased vitality, glowing skin, balanced blood sugar, ideal weight, a well functioning brain, freedom from nagging symptoms, and a vibrantly healthy life are absolutely within your reach. Taking the steps to feel, look, and perform your very best is the most important investment you’ll ever make!

Coaching & Training

Using the latest concepts in endurance coaching and training, my programs are customized for the client’s health and performance goals. I work with all levels of athletes. My training is a comprehensive approach, taking into account functional strength training, balance, flexibility, and drills to accommodate training programs for injury prevention and longevity in your sport.


I am passionate about using food as therapy; to heal you, to transform you, and to nourish you. Whole, real, pastured, wild caught, traditional, nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods are the keys to unlocking one’s most vibrant self. Using goal setting, nutritional analysis’, and other tools, we work together as a team to break bad habits and learn to enjoy healthy foods.

“Good health is about being able to fully enjoy the time we do have. It is about being as functional as possible throughout our entire lives and avoiding crippling, painful and lengthy battles with disease. There are many better ways to die, and to live” (The China Study).


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